A RockinRio Survival Guide: I Won Tickets to RockinRioUSA…Now What?!

Are you ready to Rock? Before you answer yes because you have tickets to this weekend’s much anticipated RockinRio festival on Friday and Saturday, make sure you really are “prepared” Last weekend proved to why this is one of the most popular music gatherings in the world. It was super nostalgic hearing Linkin Park, Metallica, […]

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My Bittersweet Mother’s Day

Every Mother’s Day seems to bring a mix of emotions: heartbreak and happiness. Sadly, I have the worst relationship with my mother. In fact, it’s NO relationship at all. My mother had become a person who is harmful to my mental health and even my relationship with my oldest child. I made a very difficult […]

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We Loved Our Painting Party at Pinot’s Palette-Henderson

We had such a fantastic night celebrating our first anniversary at Pinot’s Palette-Henderson. The night started off with a wagon full of gift boxes for our guests. We were greeted by a bright and cheery studio bustling with a happy staff poised to welcome guests. Music was playing and we just knew, something very exciting was […]

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FOODIES UNITE!!! Are you that friend that is always taking pictures of their food? You’re desperately on the constant look out for that amazing eatery spot so you can catch the perfect angle of your new dish to blast the image for every one of your social media followers to salivate over. Get Ready…This is […]

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