Moms Night Out = Party Time!!! Details For Our 1st Anniversary Party at The District

We rarely get an opportunity to get dressed up, so here is our chance: Finally, Mom gets a NIGHT OUT! We are thrilled to announce our partners Braddah’s Island Style and Pinot’s Palette in presenting ***LVMB’S FIRST BIRTHDAY*** Click here to register for the party!!! Tickets are $35 {normally $45!} —>>>Sunday, April 19th 6-9p!!!<<<— Mix and mingle […]

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Better Breakfast Recap! Our Featured Guests: Umpqua Oats & Coffig

We had a mama meet up in the park this weekend! It was so great to enjoy this gorgeous weather we are having outdoors, with friends, old and new…You know me, all about the food and luckily I surround myself with like-minded moms. We had an opportunity to taste and review COFFIG Fig Coffee and Umpqua […]

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Kathleen and David in utah

Journey to the Center of Parenthood

Having children should be the most natural act on the planet. The desire to co-create another human being can be deeply rooted within our psyche and one that is difficult to ignore. I had always liked children, believed they should never be hurt or abused and raised by people who were doing their best. But, the desire […]

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McDonald’s: Supporting American Dreams

What are your fondest memories of food as a kid? You can’t remember? Ok start out simply with: As a kid, what were your favorite foods? How about when your family goes out to eat: What kinds of choices are on the kids’ menus? That’s right, topping that list is burgers and fries…Oh and let […]

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Reading to My Kids

Lately, I have been on this big kick to do thing with my kids that I would consider more old school. What I mean by this is doing thing that we would have done before iPads and computers came on the scene. So a few weeks ago we went down to the library for the […]

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My watch is faster than yours!

He With the Fastest Watch Wins: Sibling Rivalry

Dinner conversation tonight: Liam: “We’re going to play Nerf darts tomorrow at Spring Valley Park.” Daniel: “It’s called Buffalo Park.” Liam [huffs]: “Get a map so I can prove him wrong!” If your home is anything like mine, there’s some sibling rivalry going on. One-upmanship, competition, and even downright conflict happens on a regular basis. […]

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