Kathleen and David in utah

Journey to the Center of Parenthood

Having children should be the most natural act on the planet. The desire to co-create another human being can be deeply rooted within our psyche and one that is difficult to ignore. I had always liked children, believed they should never be hurt or abused and raised by people who were doing their best. But, the desire […]

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McDonald’s: Supporting American Dreams

What are your fondest memories of food as a kid? You can’t remember? Ok start out simply with: As a kid, what were your favorite foods? How about when your family goes out to eat: What kinds of choices are on the kids’ menus? That’s right, topping that list is burgers and fries…Oh and let […]

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Reading to My Kids

Lately, I have been on this big kick to do thing with my kids that I would consider more old school. What I mean by this is doing thing that we would have done before iPads and computers came on the scene. So a few weeks ago we went down to the library for the […]

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My watch is faster than yours!

He With the Fastest Watch Wins: Sibling Rivalry

Dinner conversation tonight: Liam: “We’re going to play Nerf darts tomorrow at Spring Valley Park.” Daniel: “It’s called Buffalo Park.” Liam [huffs]: “Get a map so I can prove him wrong!” If your home is anything like mine, there’s some sibling rivalry going on. One-upmanship, competition, and even downright conflict happens on a regular basis. […]

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How to Raise Respectful Humans

There was something I noticed when I had my kids in preschool that I have had on my mind for a long time. It was the way in which people spoke to their children. Often parents would come into the classroom around the same time as me and I would watch their children light up […]

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5 Tips For Keeping a Tidy Home!

1. Keeping a tidy home needs to start with a great attitude. One of the things that I often think about is that my home is my corner of the world. I just love that I live on this huge planet but I have been blessed with my own space. For me, my home is […]

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