Girl Meditating

Mindfulness Meditation Classes for Kids in Las Vegas

When you think of mindfulness, what do you imagine? Meditaton? Zen-like calmness? One way to think about mindfulness is being in the moment: being aware of our feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations throughout the day. It doesn’t mean that we are super-calm 100% of the time. But mindfulness helps us better identify and manage our […]

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas by Non-Crafty Moms

CLICK THE LINK  to watch our video about Making Father’s Day crafts on our YouTube channel & DON’T FORGET: Please subscribe!!! Looking for Father’s Day Gift ideas that are inexpensive, easy DIY crafts that even your kids will enjoy making?! We got all of our craft ideas from Pinterest! Check out our Father’s Day board!   […]

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A RockinRio Survival Guide: I Won Tickets to RockinRioUSA…Now What?!

Are you ready to Rock? Before you answer yes because you have tickets to this weekend’s much anticipated RockinRio festival on Friday and Saturday, make sure you really are “prepared” Last weekend proved to why this is one of the most popular music gatherings in the world. It was super nostalgic hearing Linkin Park, Metallica, […]

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My Bittersweet Mother’s Day

Every Mother’s Day seems to bring a mix of emotions: heartbreak and happiness. Sadly, I have the worst relationship with my mother. In fact, it’s NO relationship at all. My mother had become a person who is harmful to my mental health and even my relationship with my oldest child. I made a very difficult […]

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